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Last Updated by Jim 24th April 2021

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Step 1. Get a BBO login
Step 2. Set your profile
Step 3. Alerting and messaging
Step 4. Add name to BWOnline list
Step 5. Connect to a tournament
Step 6. Results. What card was played when

Peter Millington Managing Chat Messages

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Pete Hollands Around the table
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Berwick UK Bridge Club General
Penninsula Etiquette

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DateTimeTypeFormatSearch NameDirector
Mon 1:30pmPublic24 6 min boardsBWOnline mmddhhmm Mon Aft BridgeSWvABF3489
Tue 1:30pmPublic24 6 min boardsBWOnline mmddhhmm Tue Aft BridgeSWvABF3489
Wed 7:30pmPublic24 6 min boardsBWOnline mmddhhmm Wed Eve BridgeSWvABF3489
Fri 9:30amPrivate24 6 min boardsBWOnline mmddhhmm LyceumBridgeSW
Fri 1:30pmPublic24 6 min boardsBWOnline mmddhhmm Fri Aft BridgeSWvABF3489
Sat 1:30pmPublic24 6 min boardsBWOnline mmddhhmm Sat Aft BridgeSWvABF3489

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Bridge West Online provides service to bridge clubs and players using BBO's tournament facility

BWOnline is a registered bridge club affiliated with the VBA and the ABF

Bridge Software is a registered business set up by Jim Naughtin many years ago to develop software


A friendly culture

Technical IT support and troubleshooting

No UNDOs as per direction from BBO

Disclosure of player names, clubs and basic systems

Player guidance on how to use BBO

A nice group of players, many from the west of Melbourne

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